An informal lunch

It doesn’t happen many times to have the possibility to meet one of the most important professor in your personal study field.
But yesterday was a special day, a lucky one.

I had heard some days ago that Andrea Graziosi is conducting some researches here, in HURI (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute), so I took the courage and I sent an email.
It was a surprise receive an answer…an invite for a lunch.
It sounded so extravagant, because in Italy isn’t normal. And was more unexpected because the professor is from my soooo formal Country.

However, at 12.25 I left my classroom, running. At 12.29 my companion, Nelia, helped me to retrieve the breath.
And just a second after, Dr. Hajda (God bless him!) introduced me to this special authority.
“Thai Cuisine?”

The discussion concerned on Nelia’s future and mine.
I wouldn’t like to be so cruel about the academic condition of Italy, moreover because of our ukrainian guests, but Graziosi found the most pleasant words to speak about it.
Nelia: “I didn’t believe Irene when she told me that it isn’t normal for an italian student to use English…”
Graziosi: “Yes, this plague affects more the Humanistic Faculties…”
Nelia: “But why? In Ukraine we need it!”
Graziosi: “Do you want the truth? Because they are jealous.”

Food was great and the conversation erudite.
Explain my intentions to move from History to International Relationship is never easy in Italy, but there I was surprised again.
“There is always a possibility for who is open-minded.”
And then a list of perspectives: Frankfurt, Leiden, Oxford, Amsterdam…
Dreams or reality?


Tomorrow I will tell you about another authority in Ukrainian History: Roman Szporluk and his fantastic lesson!!!