B&B: Bergoglio and Berlusconi

“Who am I to judge?”
These are the words most searched on the web in today’s day, the firsts that I have listen this morning, turning on the radio.
And this is the second time in my life, as a manifest atheist, that I’ve though: “Oh, my! Pope is great.”
The first time was in March, the day that an humble Ratzinger left the papal throne and another one replaced him.

And this interview to the Pope happens at the threshold of two events: an homophobic law (which some pretend to be for the safety of gays) that will be discuss in the Italian Parliament and the last degree of judgement for Berlusconi.

These themes are just “mirror for larks”: all Italians know that the Parliament will never arrive to a conclusion on any moral questions (are ages that It discusses on them only to not consider the real situation of Country) and that Silvio Berlusconi will find a way to avoid jail (I accept bets: will the President Giorgio Napolitano give him the “pardon” or will the statute of limitations expire?).

Clearly the Vatican is going out from the Medieval Era before the Italian state.

Speaking about these topics, I would link a video: the speaker is Marco Travaglio, maybe the journalist most informed on Berlusconi’s legal proceedings.
It’s in italian, but below you can find the translation of the funniest – and, sadly, true- sentences of this pressman.

(14th of March 2013)

“A Pope resigns, another one comes from the end of the world, but don’t worry: this is Vatican.
Instead Italy remains the same Italy.
It is hostage of two gentle teenagers: an 88 years old president, entered in Parliament in 1953, 60 years an 7 Popes ago…, and a 77 years old “Papi” (info -> link), 20 years of politics, who live in San Raffaele (an hospital), because if he comes out, he could go to San Vittore (a prison).”

“The trouble is that actually no one can say something, because are all co-responsible of the breakdown of these years. And the real democratic emergency is this: a political class not credible even if it will purpose ordinances copied directly from the Gospel.”

“It’s a paradoxical situation: even the most anticlerical “priest eater”, after passed his life deploring the Vatican’s interference on the Italian State, from yesterday he must hope the Church will meddle just a little bit and teach us how to modify some stuffs.
If the Catholic Church would like to loan us a second-hand Ratzinger for a transitional constitutional government, we might even believe him!
Also because he, as a German, has just demonstrate to know the meaning of the word most unpopular among Italians: RESIGNATION.”

My sooooo young King, Giorgio I…ehm, no, sorry, Italy is a Republic: my President Giorgio Napolitano.
Let’s discover why -> link (pravda.ru source)