Back to L’viv!

Hi all!
I am so glad to announce that I returned in L’viv some days ago!
I began a Summer School program at UCU (Український Католицький Університет) in “Ukrainian Language and Culture”. And I have reach the intermediate level.
Really, I couldn’t be more happy!

How is this school?
After some days of course, I can say that it’s incredibile!
The professors put you in a class with your proper level and you can start immediately to learn.
The program consists in a lesson of four hours per day with other people (but just 3-5, so it is intensive) and a tutoring of one hour every single day! This last part is my favourite, because during this time I can express totally my doubts and difficulties.
It is really effective, in just few days I’ve done the same work of a week alone: yesterday I learned vocabulary about professions and I’ve tried to memorize as many verbs as I could (verbs are my incubus).

The school organizes also various activities, excursions and conferences.
Yesterday the Museum of Vyshyvanky revealed to us many secrets about this wonderful folkloric stuff: the history, the characteristics, the techniques of the embroidery and so on…
Then we could wear some of them and this was the result:


The girl nearby me is a colleague from Hong Kong. She knows a lot of languages (also italian!) and she’s sooooo funny!!

So, let’s start another day!
Please, leave me a comment if you have done this experience or something similar: how have you break a language during a summer program?
Thank you!
До зустрічі!